ultrasonic water treatment system

ultrasonic water treatment system

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          Ultrasonic advanced oxidation technology is combined with advanced oxidation technology to oxidize non-volatile hydrophilic organic substances to improve the ultrasonic treatment effect, and ultrasonic vibration promotes mass transfer to further improve the ultrasonic effect. Ultrasound combined with conventional treatment techniques such as ultrasonic microbial treatment using ultrasound to improve the permeability of microbial cells, promote mass transfer inside and outside the cell to achieve the purpose of improving ultrasound; ultrasonic medicinal carbon and ultrasonic membrane treatment are all using ultrasonic Modification of medicinal charcoal or membrane. Mass transfer and adsorption intercept some organic substances that cannot be degraded by ultrasound to improve the ultrasonic effect; ultrasonic coagulation combined technology uses the chemical principle of ultrasonic cavitation to destroy the synergistic coagulation effect of algae cells to achieve the strengthening effect. The principle of the combination of ultrasonic and other disinfection techniques is H2O2 produced by ultrasonic cavitation and its strong oxidative oxidizing organic matter to reduce the amount of disinfectant. In addition, other disinfection techniques can kill microbes that cannot be killed by ultrasound to achieve strengthening. The strengthening principle of ultrasound combined with other technologies is mainly the synergy between ultrasound and combined technology. For example, ultrasonic graphite combination technology uses ultrasonic vibration mass transfer and micro jet to break graphite to increase the specific surface area of ​​graphite to promote the adsorption of graphite, and graphite absorbs some organic substances that cannot be degraded by ultrasonic to improve the ultrasonic effect; ultrasonic plasma technology also uses ultrasonic and plasma. The individual oxidation characteristics of the body technology complement each other to achieve reinforcement.

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